Public Address Systems

Many years of experience in sales on a commercial audio market of public address systems (PA system) have allowed us to fully explore needs of customers and priorities of leaders of commercial audio equipment. On the other hand, a professional approach to a study of functional and technical specifications of the equipment gives us a big scope for evaluating both a quality of PA system production by manufacturers and a reliable performance of their models in the long term.

In process of PA system checkup an attention is paid to all features of fire alarm mode operation. Different variants of voice evacuation broadcast and playback readability are taken into consideration. The advantage is typical for PA systems that enable to route voice evacuation messages in case of fire alarm. A special care is taken to the audio quality and quality of manufacturing of column speakers, wall speakers, ceiling speakers, horn speakers. Column speakers and ceiling speakers are sorted by symbolic categories: speakers well reproducing voice evacuation messages, speakers well reproducing background music, speakers well reproducing both music and voice evacuation messages. Owing to such a division an expert can highly recommend one or another speaker model to be implemented in buildings or over the esplanades.

Perfect knowledge of all peculiarities of public address market as well as Russian legislation on fire safety allows us to support feedback consultations with our partners as manufacturers of commercial audio equipment. Normally, it takes place in a form of proposals package on some model to be modified or in the form of the proposal to develop the new model required by the Russian market, taking into account products of competitors. Such consulting meetings result in definitely positive effect for better adaptation of foreign PA systems to the Russian market.

A line of public address products incorporates a big set of rack and shelf equipment. We regularly hold training seminars in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and regional centers of Russia for engineers from design companies. Our specialists teach in detail the rules of PA system development, legislative norms on fire safety, demonstrate an operation of typical PA systems to attendees with further explanations to them all system work in general and each block separately. Seminar participants along with lecturer consider nonstandard projects from their practice related with PA system use.

Thematic articles are periodically published on our website for engineers and managers of project organizations and public address installation companies. These articles are intended to provide readers with detailed functional descriptions and block diagrams of equipment in various applications. For convenience of customers the specialists of our company translate into Russian the technical documentation from manufacturers such as operation manuals and firm catalogs.

Properly licensed, provided with necessary normative and material basis, equipped with full package of technical documentation, our company has a staff of highly skilled specialists that allows us to realize professional advisory activities, warranty and post warranty servicing of PA systems and also to inspect buildings, to formulate requirements specifications, to put in practice PA system projects, to accomplish an assemblage and installations of commercial audio equipment of any trademarks.

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