Arrival of CS-610F, CS-301FQ and CS-303FQ


Dear colleagues and partners,

Herewith we announce the arrival of the new Inter-M CS-610F and CS-301FQ/CS-303FQ ceiling speakers to our warehouse.

CS-610F is a 10-watt ceiling speaker. Unlike the closest analog CS-6, the new speaker uses a more powerful 6-inch full range dynamic driver with a switched connection capacity of 10/5/3 W. In both the new model and CS-6, a steel decorative protective grid and non-flammable plastic (F) are used.

CS-301FQ and CS-303FQ are 3-inch ceiling speakers with a rated power of 1 and 3 watts, respectively. Their technical characteristics fully correspond to APT-01W and APT-03W. The new speaker outstanding feature is a new decorative protective grid. The ABS-plastic grid has a square shape with effectively rounded corners and a new relief pattern.

All rights to supply the presented Inter-M Corporation equipment to Russia belong to our company.

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